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Working with Michael,

Michael finds joy in photographing weddings even though many of his fellow photographers have said they do not.

"Many of them would say how much they disliked shooting weddings - which surprised me. They would come back from having shot one as a favor for a friend or family member and describe a terrible experience. They would comment that it was too much pressure, they didn't enjoy it, things moved too fast - whatever the reason they would never do it again. I always figured they knew something I didn't so I stayed away from doing weddings for a long time. Then I think I shot my first wedding in the early 90's and surprisingly had a great time. I concluded after doing a few more that I'm a photographer that loves to shoot weddings.

It is a great challenge - it does move fast and you have to anticipate what is going to happen next and where to be so you're not out of position - but that is the fun of it. I love catching the emotions of the day, the looks that pass between people, the laughter and the tears. For me it is a day when people's emotions are that much closer to the surface and at some point the joy and happiness of the event just takes over. It's my job (my joy) to capture those moments so this family has them forever."

Michael is not one of those photographers that shoots 3 weddings every single weekend. He does only a limited number each year so it is best to check with him as soon as you have your date set. "I shoot weddings because I love to. In order to be sure I continue to feel that way I only do so many each year. Some photographers say they shoot 40, 50 even 70 a year I don't see how you can enjoy them and I don't see how you can really care about the couple you're working with if you're doing that many. I like to know the little things that a bride and groom are doing for each other so I can be sure to capture it for them. I do so without intruding on the event. One of the comments I get most often is 'How did you get that shot?! I didn't even see you!' Those comments let me know I am doing it right."

We have photographed weddings at Fenway Park and Hampshire House in Boston, MA - Chanler at Cliffwalk in Newport, RI and Block Island, RI - Mayflower Inn, Candlewood Inn and New Haven Lawn Club in CT - The Jaffery Inn in New Hampshire - also in San Francisco, CA -Singer Island, FL, - Puerto Aventuras, Mexico just to name a few. I welcome destination weddings and offbeat, out of the box weddings. I love when people put their personal stamp on their day! So please look over the images here, if you want to see more we can arrange that. When you are ready please contact us. We look forward to working with you on your wedding. Thanks for your interest.

What is included-

Average wedding includes up to 10 hours of coverage  (I can help you work out the timeline for the day)

A second or a third shooter can be added if necessary based on wedding size or your choice

An optional set of 4 x 6 prints of all the photos (minus edits, depending on the size of your wedding this usually means between 700 - 750 photos)

An online gallery that is up for ten years (fully automated for viewing and purchasing by friends and family, password protected)

6 enlargements up to 8 x 12

Photographers that listen and care about your wedding. You are not just "the next couple", we want to help make your wedding day all you imagine it can be. We will help to make your day fun and as stress free as possible. I take pride in the fact that I listen to the couples I work with and I welcome their ideas, after all it is their wedding and I am there to help document the beginning of their new life together.

A wedding album (I have many to choose from) or engagement session can be added to any quote.

Feel free to give me a call I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

I tailor prices to each wedding based on travel time and size of wedding. I believe this saves you money and helps you stay within your budget.

Prices start at $2800 (call for pricing on international and destination weddings)

Talk to you soon.

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